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Projektentwickler Software

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Project developers face a multitude of challenges every day that need to be overcome under high pressure. Essential factors such as time management, strict budget control, effective communication and skillful multitasking can make the difference between the success or failure of a project.
With SMARTBRIX at your side, you can focus on what really counts: the targeted development and successful realization of your projects. Our software relieves you of administrative hurdles and gives you the competitive edge you need to survive in an intensely competitive market environment.

The highlights of your benefits


Automated project management

The SMARTBRIX project BRIX simplifies your project management with automated processes. Structure construction projects into sections and task areas and keep track of everything in the Kanban, lists or Gantt views. The automation of the software makes it possible to minimize routine tasks, increase efficiency and save valuable time.


Finances at a glance

Keep track of project finances, invoices, payments and transactions with the Finance BRIX in. Use the reporting system for profits, cash flow and balance sheet to easily prepare your annual financial statements. SMARTBRIX enables precise budget planning so that you can make cost-conscious, forward-looking decisions for your project.


Targeted communication

Optimize your communication with the clear web portal from SMARTBRIX. Keep partners, suppliers and service providers in the loop, update the project status in real time and avoid any misunderstandings with notes and clear sub-task priorities. SMARTBRIX facilitates efficient collaboration.

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Efficient interaction

Are you already using other tools? On request, we can enable you to integrate various interfaces.

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Functions at a glance

Cash flow planning

BIM integration

Contract award

Project management

Construction schedule


Cost estimation and tracking

Analysis function and reporting

Task management


Our software is ideal for project developers, project managers, construction and real estate companies and all professionals who want to manage complex projects while efficiently controlling time, resources and communication.

SMARTBRIX, with servers exclusively in Germany, guarantees data protection and flexibility in data access as a cloud software solution. The platform minimizes data loss risks and reduces IT expenditure, supplemented by regular updates.

Our project development software allows you to keep track of what material is needed for your construction project and who can supply it. You can easily place orders, view potential suppliers and track delivery status. The software also allows you to evaluate key performance indicators and analyze supplier loyalty. You can take stock and keep an eye on outstanding returns.

With SMARTBRIX, you can display offers and manage orders to make informed decisions for your project. The integrated mail function allows you to send automated messages to customers, tenants and partners. The automation function saves time and reduces labor costs by making various processes more efficient.

SMARTBRIX helps you to keep track of projects, upcoming tasks, income and expenditure. Financial data is recorded over a period of time to avoid miscalculations. The software also offers functions for managing bank documents, financial reports and partner audit reports. In addition, it enables accurate cost tracking so you can make informed decisions for your project. SMARTBRIX saves valuable time through complete automation and predictive decision making.

Neben der umfassenden Projektentwicklungsunterstützung ermöglicht SMARTBRIX auch den Zugriff auf eine Vielzahl weiterer Tools und Funktionen aus unseren spezialisierten Verwaltungs-Brix und dem Vermarktungs-Brix. Bei Interesse können diese gerne detailliert vorgestellt werden. Kontaktieren Sie uns einfach!

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