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SMARTBRIX is simple, flexible and versatile. We offer you a wide range of BRIX, perfectly adapted to the needs of the real estate market.

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With SMARTBRIX, all workflows can be handled in a single software and real estate data can be managed in a completely uncomplicated way. This not only saves costs, but also provides more flexibility in day-to-day business. You have the ability to customize the user interface to your needs, allowing you to work more intuitively. Perfectly adapted to your needs and the needs of the real estate market, you can flexibly expand BRIX or have it further enhanced by programming on request. Do you want to publish your properties on other portals? With SMARTBRIX, this is just a click away.

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All-In-One Software

Get to know the different modules


Keep everything in view with the clear dashboard and find all the information you need with just a few clicks. Particularly practical here is the all-round view of your properties, with which you can specifically learn more about individual listings and their properties.
Optimize your processes and manage everything related to your property with SMARTBRIX. Create milestones, check budgets or information about contributors.



Do you want to optimize the relationship with your customers? A CRM is indispensable for staying in contact with your customers, because it is the only way to ensure that you always have all the information you need at your fingertips and can provide assistance as quickly as possible when your customers have questions. However, not only your customers, but also your team benefits from the possibilities of a CRM, such as through the possibility of overarching coordination of processes.

Web platform

Create impressive websites to present your properties professionally in no time and edit them with just a few clicks. A simple modular system with ready-made, customizable templates makes it possible.
In addition, many other smart functions are available to you. For example, highlight individual or multiple offers in a particularly visual way. Integrate a video chat. Or how about your own blog, where you can keep your customers and partners up to date?


Object management

Via this BRIX you define what your customer should see on your website in the end. A variety of functions and filter options are available to you for this purpose. For example, it is possible that when a new property is added to the system, all potential interested parties with the matching profile are automatically notified.


BRIX "Accounting" simplifies many of your accounting workflows. For example, create and send professional invoices automatically from sales orders, delivery bills or based on time and material.
Synchronize your bank statements automatically with your bank or import files. Or receive payments online. In addition, BRIX "Invoicing" allows you to send reminders with just a few clicks, check invoices from suppliers and much more.

Service charge settlement

With this BRIX you can quickly and easily create the service charge statement for each tenant. The BRIX not only supports you in the correct allocation of your costs, but also creates the cost overview for you as well as the cover letters for your tenants.


Creating quotes and managing current orders can be time-consuming. BRIX "Sales" automates many of your daily workflows, giving you more flexibility to focus on other tasks. 
For example, use templates to create quotes. Create email templates and determine when your messages should be automatically sent to customers. Or add your notes to individual projects. It is also possible to integrate payment methods.

Project Management

This BRIX allows you to easily and efficiently plan and organize your projects, as well as analyze and control them. With many practical features, it helps you keep an eye on your schedule, while also identifying critical tasks.
Create projects in minutes using templates. See open tasks at a glance. Send automated messages to customers and partners using the integrated mail program. Store notes on individual projects, which you can also share with other project participants.


The BRIX "Marketing" offers you the possibility to easily and quickly create your own newsletter or email campaigns that are perfectly tailored to your target group. Both variants can be flexibly personalized, so that newsletters and mails can be sent optimally tailored to your customers without much effort. The content of the e-mails or newsletters can be customized thanks to the convenient option of using different design elements. In this way, you can ensure a good connection with your customers and at the same time keep an eye on the success of your campaigns.

Human Resources Management

This BRIX offers you extensive possibilities in the personnel management and organization of your employee structure. Here you have your employees, their skills, areas and locations of operation as well as contact data thanks to numerous filter options at a glance at all times.
Also integrated: Functions for time recording as well as vacation planning. So you can always see how efficient individual employees are or which employee is on vacation at what time. Of course, only after you have released the vacation via BRIX.

Mobile application

The SMARTBRIX real estate software is cloud-based and fully mobile ready in its application. Thus, project documents, schedules and other important information can be accessed at any time in the software on the go on a laptop, smartphone or tablet. So you are completely flexible in your work and can decide for yourself from which location you want to work.

Digital time recording

Modern time recording is fully digital. With the SMARTBRIX real estate software, you can not only work cloud-based on the go, but also record your working hours and those of your employees quickly and easily in the software. Time recording accurate to the minute provides direct insight into hours already worked, so that the duration of tasks can be better estimated and your work as a broker, property manager or project developer is simplified via the software.


Customer portals

Customer portals serve as a central platform for transparent communication, efficient document management, service requests and a financial overview. The SMARTBRIX customer portal allows important documents to be viewed, inquiries to be made and the status to be tracked. This increases efficiency, reduces costs and improves customer loyalty.

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