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The ERP system of the real estate industry

Discover SMARTBRIX - the first ERP system specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the real estate industry.

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Why our real estate ERP is indispensable

SMARTBRIX offers specific features designed specifically for the real estate industry, developed by real estate and industry experts. The ability to work cloud-based in a single software makes SMARTBRIX particularly user-friendly and provides real estate companies with the flexibility needed in the real estate industry.

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 Integrated CRM & ERP system
 Entire value chain can be mapped
 Interfaces integrated
 Developed for the real estate sector
 Comprehensive accounting
 Completely digital communication
 Integrated document management system

These real estate companies already work with SMARTBRIX

Entire value chain can be mapped with SMARTBRIX

Construction planning

Plan and execute construction projects from concept to completion.


Successfully sell or rent real estate while providing great customer service.

Real estate management

Profitable management of real estate, contracting and proper accounting.


Make your own real estate business special.

Frequently asked questions about our real estate ERP

Choosing an ERP provider with industry expertise in real estate offers many advantages. The system is specifically tailored to the needs of the real estate industry and offers customized functionalities such as property management and contract management. This optimizes work processes, reduces errors and saves time and resources. The solution enables better data analysis, informed business decisions and ensures regulatory compliance. Support and consulting are also of higher quality due to industry expertise.

Yes, SMARTBRIX has an integrated CRM system that is tailored to the needs of the real estate industry.

No, because our real estate solution offers comprehensive software for the entire real estate and construction industry. Brokers, property managers and construction project developers can work together seamlessly here. Unlike other providers, we do not limit ourselves to individual areas. Our platform makes it possible to manage all sub-sectors of the real estate industry and easily cooperate with various sub-groups - be it property owners, third-party managers, housing cooperatives or construction companies. Our real estate software solution covers all activities in the real estate industry. Efficient management and seamless collaboration are always the focus of our software.

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