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Traditional property management suffers from cluttered Excel spreadsheets, printouts, handwritten documents and overcrowded filing cabinets. These sources of chaos make it difficult to access important information and lead to errors.  In order to maintain a clear overview and simplify various tasks, you need software that is easy to use, automates everyday work and therefore saves time - this is where SMARTBRIX property management software comes into play.

The highlights of your benefits


Financial management

SMARTBRIX includes intuitive functions for managing finances, budgeting, invoicing, accounting and reporting. The ability to use all the tools that are important for property managers in one software package saves an enormous amount of time. Your data is always up-to-date and transparently accessible to your employees.


Document management

Our property management software offers the function to quickly create exposés and manage project documents, including planning and development documents, permits, contracts and reports. So you have everything you need in one place and always at hand when you need it.


Communication platform

Communication is completely straightforward via the use of a tenant portal. This is a modern and efficient way for property managers to simplify communication with tenants and owners. A tenant portal is an online platform where tenants and owners can view information, download documents and interact directly with you as the manager.

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Efficient interaction

Already using other tools? At your request, we can enable the connection to various interfaces.

About our interfaces 


Functions at a glance

Digital contracts

Incoming rental inspection

Tenant portal

CAFM system

Analytical accounting

WEG management

Meter integration

Tenant and property management

Document management

Ticket system for claims management

Ancillary and operating cost accounting


Who is SMARTBRIX suitable for?

SMARTBRIX is the ideal choice for a wide range of professionals in the real estate sector: whether they are large management companies, rental or property managers, condominium managers, condominium administrators, property managers or commercial real estate managers. Our platform is designed to meet the specific needs of these diverse professionals and transform their work through digital excellence.

What are the advantages of cloud-based software like SMARTBRIX?

You can access your data from anywhere, not worry about data loss, reduce IT infrastructure costs and automatically benefit from regular updates. What's more, your data is hosted exclusively in Germany.

On which devices can I use SMARTBRIX?

As our software for property managers is cloud-based, it can be accessed via any web browser, regardless of platform or device. This means that you can use the full functionality of our software on a wide range of devices - be it on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

What does repair and maintenance management involve?

Our repair and maintenance management system makes it easy to manage repair and maintenance requests for the properties we manage. Tenants can submit requests via the tenant portal, which are forwarded directly to us. This means they quickly receive the support they need.

How do tenants, owners and managers communicate with each other?

Communication runs smoothly via our tenant portal. This modern online platform allows tenants and owners to access information, download documents and interact directly with us as managers. It offers an efficient and uncomplicated way to communicate and collaborate.

What other tools and functions does SMARTBRIX offer?

Our software offers extensive support in property management, but also access to comprehensive tools and functions via our specialized marketing brix and project development brix. We are at your disposal to explain these details in more detail if you are interested. Please feel free to contact us.

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