SMARTBRIX - Real Estate Software Evolution
1 February, 2021 by
Hanna Szeredi

You work in the real estate industry and want to place properties in the best possible way for your customers. To achieve this, it is often necessary to feed your real estate data into various platforms. This not only costs you nerves, but also a lot of time and money.

Learn how to bypass the time and money consuming steps and make your business even more efficient with SMARTBRIX.

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The smart real estate solution: Real estate agents, project developers and administrators can finally work together in one system. The software is not only tailored to the real estate industry, but can also be expanded and adapted as desired due to its modular structure. Thus, SMARTBRIX can respond intensively to your business needs and become a real efficiency booster.

SMARTBRIX's intuitive user interface gives you a full overview of your properties, customers and your business processes at all times. They can synchronize all functions with each other and thus always continue working with the most current version of their projects in real time.

Automation that makes sense: So that you don't have to invest time every time you add a new property to your portfolio, for example, you can automatically inform potential buyers and interested parties by mail. You hold all the strings in your hand: Create email templates with little effort and define when which customers are informed.

On a firm foundation: With the modular system, you can create impressive websites on your own interactive web portal to place your properties even more attractively. The connection with the common real estate portals has been thought of here. With just a few clicks, you can easily connect your website to other portals via the SMARTBRIX interfaces and thus position yourself optimally there as well.

Hanna Szeredi 1 February, 2021
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