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28 July, 2021 by
Hanna Szeredi


For a real estate agent, well-kept records mean valuable capital.
That's why a clear CRM that updates itself independently and automatically is indispensable as a support for your sales and everyday business.

Our CRM BRIX gets the best out of your customer relationships! - A real success boost for your sales activities!

You never miss a potential customer, because your system thinks with you!
Matching profiles are created through automatic lead generation. This means that as soon as a potential customer is looking for a property, the search criteria are saved and the customer is automatically informed about suitable properties, if you want this!
The consolidation of these and many other interactions, you can see in your CRM overview, because here you can see thanks to 360° view all sales opportunities, merged, from your website and from real estate platforms!

The structured overview that can do more:
All interactions are shown to you in the structured KANBAN view. We have optimized the usual CRM view for you: SMARTBRIX additionally shows you which contact is interested in a property, but also how many potential buyers are interested in a property. With a few clicks you can access all information and start the interaction with your customers quickly and easily. 
With this extended view you are perfectly organized and never lose the overview!

Automations that really help you:
But that is not all. We have created another automatism in the CRM: Deposit your email/newsletter and expose templates and you will be automatically sent to the right customers. Enable this with one click.
Do you want to put an email on re-submission? No problem! Deposit it with the date of sending.
Do you need to add something to a template before sending it, or do you want to attach documents and send the email at a later time? No problem! Combine your e-mail template with an activity and add a task to your e-mail. Specify with a date and a description when you want to follow up on it and our CRM will remind you automatically.
Or store with a date when an email should be sent automatically. Of course, you can also store activities and tasks for all your employees and business partners. You will all be notified automatically! 

Have you just left a viewing appointment and would like to quickly record the current status and the result of the viewing for yourself and your employees before you forget, or save further tasks and appointments in your CRM for the property? Do it immediately! Thanks to the mobile use of SMARTBRIX, the smooth use of your CRM is possible from anywhere!

Our CRM BRIX is not only a real benefit for your daily business processes. SMARTBRIX supports you in making your customer communication even more personal and faster. So your customers feel comfortable with you and can fully rely on your expertise and service!

Hanna Szeredi 28 July, 2021
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